Training Tips

First things first when training your best friend!  He's got to have respect for you.  He'll never listen if he thinks he can get away with not listening to you.

Respect comes from leadership and love.  When you ask him to do something, don't let him get away with not doing it.   Always reward good habits and behavior.

 Treats are a helpful aid in training.  Make sure you use treats that are healthy for your best friend.  You are going to be using a lot of them & we don't want them to have unhealthy side effects.  Green Beans, carrots, water melon, cheese, peanut butter crackers, all work well as training treats.  Break them up and use small amounts to reward at a time.  Do not use grapes or raisins for treats.  Don't feed them at all.  They can cause many health problems for your best friend!

Remember that our pets also teach us!  

Dogs are the most forgiving, loyal, loving creatures around.   We are lucky to have them in our lives and to have them choose to be loyal to us. 

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